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Ericzone offers a complete podcast production service, customized to your needs. Discover Ericzone Podcast, an original podcast series that enriches social dialogue and is produced in-house by Ericzone. Host Eric Mailhot discusses with committed people about culture, history, philosophy and the challenges of our time. Since 2017, we have produced and hosted over 40 thought-provoking episodes related to socio-cultural issues.

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Whether it’s a simple podcast or a full program around a topic, you can count on our expertise. We help you plan all aspects of your project, record the episode(s), edit the video and/or sound, and convert it into shareable formats for distribution on major platforms such as iTunes, YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

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Ericzone Podcast


David Gauthier

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 29) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and David Gauthier (historian specializing in the era of Louis XIV) discuss an article he wrote in the magazine Château de Versailles, about the salon of King Louis-Philippe I at the Grand Trianon.


Dania Fawaz

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 25) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and Dania Fawaz (volunteer with Islamic Relief Canada), discuss the importance of being a moral person and showing compassion to protect future generations and safeguard humanity.


Anne Sheedy

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: épisode 24) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and Anne Sheedy (historian specializing in Quebec heritage) discuss Pierre Lahoud, photographer, who recently bequeathed his collection of aerial photographs of the Quebec landscape to the BAnQ.


Tarek Chatila

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 27)
Eric Mailhot and Tarek Chatila (Middle East and North Africa specialist and political expert) discuss the greed of pharmaceutical companies and the importance of Jonas Salk.

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