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Erik Guay

Tremblant Express (2020) – Fr

Erik Guay offers Tremblant Express a privileged tour of his large estate and his new major project: Parc Primal, an animal refuge and park in the heart of Mont Tremblant.


Olivier Cinq-Mars et Maximilien Hayeck

Tremblant Express (2020) – Fr

Olivier Cinq-Mars and Maximilien Hayeck, partners at Boreal Campeurs, welcome Tremblant Express to their large workshop to reveal some of the secrets of their success as a recreational vehicle manufacturer in Quebec.


Emmanuel Noël

Bizz’ART (2020) – Fr

Emmanuel Noël, the event’s organizer and founder of the art collective Bizz’ART, talks with Eric Mailhot during the exhibition at Galerie 2456, Montreal.


Adrian Villanueva

SiliCycle (2019)

Adrian Villanueva, commercial representative for SiliCycle in Latin America and the United States, talks with Eric Mailhot concerning the Pittcon conference.

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