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Video is an integral part of a corporate marketing strategy. Ericzone offers audiovisual and learning solutions that are adapted to your needs and can be used in different contexts and/or shared on multiple platforms.

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Fred Edgard Yonou Tankoua

Si360 Africa (2021) – Fr

Video presentation of Si360 Africa, which develops software for the African market and helps African companies reduce their IT spending by 60%.


Olivier Cinq-Mars

Interview with Boréal Campers, Tremblant Express (2020) – Fr

Olivier Cinq-Mars talks to Tremblant Express and reveals the secrets of the success of Boreal Campeurs, a recreational vehicle manufacturer in Quebec.


E-PAK SiliCycle SiliaMetS

SiliCycle (2020)

Video tutorial showcasing the steps for optimal use of the SiliaMetS® E-PAK lab scale.


Winter construction at SiliCycle

SiliCycle (2019)

Video clip of SiliCycle’s plant expansion to add new GMP extraction-purification facilities.


In silica microspheres™

SiliCycle (2018)

Product video for in silica™, a proprietary silica microsphere technology that offers ingredient protection, improved formulability and slow release.


Introduction to SiliCycle

SiliCycle (2016)

Corporate video showcasing SiliCycle® Inc., founded in 1995, and a worldwide leader in the development, the manufacturing and the commercialization of high value silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry.

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