Audiovisual production

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Audiovisual production

Our passion! Original videos that capture emotion and awaken the imagination.


Whether it’s a short film, documentary, news report, podcast, trailer, demo, webinar or presentation, we have the solution you need! Our repertoire includes artist videos, brand videos, educational videos, journalistic videos, explainer videos and keepsake videos.

Added value

Ericzone is an established player in the field of audiovisual production. Our current and past clients include Ubisoft (with over a dozen video game trailers and corporate videos for internal promotion), SiliCycle, Tremblant Express, ECOL Lanaudière, Si 360, la Maison des parents de Rawdon, Blackburn Productions and Wapikoni Mobile.

Your success

The human aspect and the relationship with our clients and partners are very important to us. Are you looking for a team with a transparent approach and a focus on collaboration? We would be happy to work with you.

How we do it

The audiovisual production process


Consultation – Set up preparatory meetings with the client to identify needs, understand the budget range and define the scope of work.


Pre-production – Develop a vision, strategy and timeline. Collaborate with client on script and storyline. Scout locations and prepare equipment.


Production – Lights, camera, action! Production is the actual shooting of the video. Oversee all aspects from equipment setup to high quality video and audio capture.


Post-production – Using digital equipment and software, perform video editing and multimedia integration to transform raw footage into a cohesive video. Deliver the video according to the project requirements.

The quality of our work is a reflection of our commitment to our clients.

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Experience and know-how

Ericzone offers a full range of customized audiovisual solutions for individuals, businesses, educational groups and cultural and community organizations.

Audiovisual production

Our passion! Original videos that capture emotion and awaken the imagination.

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