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Ericzone opens up to other dimensions of social change through podcasting, a formula that allows us to exchange with committed people who want to contribute positively.

Let’s create a bridge between all communities, with respect and human solidarity

Ericzone Podcast


David Gauthier

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 29) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and David Gauthier (historian specializing in the era of Louis XIV) discuss an article he wrote in the magazine Château de Versailles, about the salon of King Louis-Philippe I at the Grand Trianon.


Dania Fawaz

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 25) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and Dania Fawaz (volunteer with Islamic Relief Canada), discuss the importance of being a moral person and showing compassion to protect future generations and safeguard humanity.


Anne Sheedy

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: épisode 24) – Fr
Eric Mailhot and Anne Sheedy (historian specializing in Quebec heritage) discuss Pierre Lahoud, photographer, who recently bequeathed his collection of aerial photographs of the Quebec landscape to the BAnQ.


Tarek Chatila

Ericzone Podcast (Excerpt: episode 27)
Eric Mailhot and Tarek Chatila (Middle East and North Africa specialist and political expert) discuss the greed of pharmaceutical companies and the importance of Jonas Salk.



Let’s open up to other dimensions of social change.

Breaking down barriers

Blackburn Podcast


Samantha Slade

Blackburn Podcast (Episode 10) – Fr
Live from ECTO in Montreal, Pierre Blackburn talks with Samantha Slade, co-founder of Percolab, about social entrepreneurship and the transition to new paradigms of work, learning and being.



Blackburn Podcast (Episode 9) – Fr
Pierre Blackburn talks with Montreal multidisciplinary artist 2Fik, who stands out for his unique works dealing with identity, prejudice and gender.


France Cantin

Blackburn Podcast (Episode 8) – Fr

Pierre Blackburn goes to the Galerie Lounge TD to talk with France Cantin, art collector, cultural event manager and artist manager.


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