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Legacy videos

A gift for future generations.


Legacy videos are modern day memoirs and an original way to preserve the memories, personal stories, expressions, laughter and voices of your loved ones. Whether it’s an elaborate video that includes filmed interviews woven with photographs, music and text, or a simple video album in the form of an animated presentation, Ericzone can help you create an unforgettable memento that will be cherished forever.

Added value

Immortalize your life stories and memories, and those of your family. Celebrate the lives and accomplishments of lost friends, family members or loved ones. Preserve precious moments spent with the special people in your lives. Our customized packages are suitable for all circumstances and budgets.

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The human aspect and the relationship with our clients and partners are very important to us. Are you looking for a team with a transparent approach and a focus on collaboration? We would be happy to work with you.

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Which option is right for you?

Our packages

Legacy videos

Legacy videos are fully edited video memoirs for people who wish to preserve their heritage, memories or life history, as well as their knowledge and wisdom as a legacy.

Memorial video

The memorial video is an animated video album consisting of narration, photographs, music and text, celebrating the lives and accomplishments of loved ones who have passed away.

Thematic video

A thematic video is a fully edited video vignette that tells the story of a particular event and highlights the precious moments spent with family and friends.

Family history video

The family history video is a fully edited video that showcases your family’s masterpiece as told by several family members.

How we do it

The legacy video production process


Consultation – We get to know you and the other people who will be involved in your project – by phone, virtual meeting or in person. We answer all your questions about our services and packages, and explain our process. If you decide to proceed, we then establish an agreement.


Pre-production – Depending on the package you choose, we meet a few times to go over the details of your project, discuss your ideas and priorities, review the material to be included in the video and schedule the shoot. We provide you with preparatory documents and can even help you digitize or restore your photographs.


Production – The shoot takes place at your home, your favorite location or in our studio. We take care of all the technical aspects (cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.). A recording session can last up to 3.5 hours. In monologue format, you share your memories while we film. In the interview format, we or someone close to you asks guiding questions, and the conversation flows naturally as we record. Upon request, we can film additional footage (e.g., a favorite place or pet) and take photos. Note – Not comfortable in front of the camera? We can record the conversation in audio, without cameras, according to your wishes.


Post-production – The video footage and audio are optimized and woven together with photographs, home videos, music and text to create your masterpiece. The final version of your project is delivered to you within the promised time frame.

The quality of our work is a testament to our commitment to our clients.

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