Visual arts

The courage to create

My artistic vision

Mastering visual language

I’m Eric Mailhot, artist.

Influenced by baroque and science fiction, my main mediums are acrylic and ballpoint pen, on wood panel or canvas. I am also intrigued by gold leaf and oil pastel on dead tree trunks.

Painting as an art form is an essential exercise. It allows me to understand the fundamentals of visual aesthetics (composition, perspective, form, texture, chiaroscuro, and color) and to apply them professionally.

Drawing helps me focus. I call it my “zen” moment of meditation. Not only does it keep my emotions in check, but it also gives me the ability to commit my ideas to paper. I have always been interested in classical renaissance art, comic book characters and contemporary conceptual video game art.

Recent works

Portrait of Jean-Charles Bédard (oil on canvas and gold leaf) and The Blue House (oil on canvas).

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