Album Mighty

In January 2014, the up-and-coming Montreal band Vinyl Erosion released its first album, the three-song EP titled Mighty. With deep lyrics and strong melodic hooks, the bilingual group showcases a sound that reflects the Indy musical culture in Montreal. The band is proud of its influences which range from Harmonium, Mara Tremblay to other mainstream acts such as Arcade Fire or the American recording artist Joan Jett.

Music: Catherine Tremblay and Chris Perez
Lyrics: Eric Mailhot
Guitar: Catherine Tremblay
Base: Christian Perez
Drums: Eric Mailhot
Recording and mixing: Eric Mailhot
Mastering: Étienne Gévry
Graphic design: Eric Mailhot
Social media: Eric Mailhot
Public relations: Robert Tremblay

To learn more, consult the Vinyl Erosion blog

Download the Mighty album on SoundCloud

Mighty EP - CD
Mighty EP - Back
Mighty EP - Cover
Album Mighty - Promo

It was an uplifting experience to take the helm as producer and mix engineer for Vinyl Erosion’s debut album, the 3 song EP titled Mighty. I was fortunate to work with two promising composer/musicians, Catherine Tremblay and Chris Perez. My years of experience in band situations and my background in graphic design and marketing contributed to the project’s success. – Eric Mailhot

Catherine Tremblay and Chris Perez
Catherine Tremblay 3
Catherine Tremblay 1
Eric Mailhot and Chris Perez
Eric Mailhot
Chris Perez
Catherine Tremblay 2
Eric Mailhot 2

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