audiovisual productions

Specialty of the House

Ericzone designs, develops and delivers engaging presentations and media packages – promotional videos, corporate videos, video clips, podcasts, short films, documentaries, vignettes, web TV, musical albums… and more! We’re passionate about our work, and committed to providing a wide range of high quality audiovisual products and services to individuals and businesses.

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“Each project is a unique experience and an opportunity to collaborate with the customer.” –Eric Mailhot

Our Process


Project Preparation


Needs analysis, research, concepts and strategy.




Screenwriting, drafting, scheduling, location, equipment and budget.




Direction of production teams and participants, visual capture and audio capture.




Video editing, sound editing and mixing, multimedia integration and dissemination.

Ericzone is the signature of a variety of projects in connection with the fields of video, music, the arts and multimedia. Services offered include audiovisual productions, design and branding, and social media marketing. Ericzone finds strength in collaboration and thrives on projects that instigate positive social change.

Recipient of the 2015 Career Development Fund grant by Musitechnic, the leader in music and audio training.

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